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A Brief Update on My Health

On August 8th, 2019, I underwent spinal surgery on my neck. It's been two weeks since the surgery. The recovery process has been harder to deal with than the symptoms. Don't get me wrong; I am incredibly grateful to have undergone successful surgery on something so important. But I have found these temporary limitations as I heal to be frustratingly tiresome.

The hardest part of this process is finding ways to be comfortable. I sleep on my back to ease tension from my neck and spine. The best way to do that is by sleeping in a recliner. After two weeks, you get pretty tired of the recliner. I want to sleep in my bed, but finding a position for my neck and back is difficult. The neck collar that keeps my head upright and stationary for the muscular healing has reached its welcomed stay. There are two more weeks of this discomfort and restlessness until I can remove the collar and return to normalcy.

I get it. Far worse things have happened to others, and in the long run, my situation is temporary, but I can't help feeling so out of place at this moment.

Creatively speaking, my hands are returning to normal strength. For writing, drawing, painting the use of my hands is quite necessary. The numbness and pain down my right side have all but subsided completely. The slight tingling still felt is probably due to nerve damage, swelling in the spine, or residual numbness that will take time to return to normal. Whatever the case, I am in a better position than I was previously.

Because of the discomfort in posture while wearing the neck collar, however, my creative outlet has been limited. I am taking in stories, television, movies, and books to fill my mind with the wonders of what I want to create come full health. But the mind and the body are restless.

I look forward to the weeks ahead of me; when I can return to the life I had before.

It's made me think about The Goonies.

Never say die.

It's our time down here.

Well, it is my time right here. I am going to come back and bring about a boldness of creativity that I am so stoked about. So I can never say die.

It's my time down here.

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