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Published in the #2 Hidden issue of Verum literary Press is my poem "The Storm Built an Ark of Decorations" which follows the building of life in the midst of tragedy.

To view this poem, I encourage you to visit Verum Literary Press' online publication at the link here: Verum Literary Press


Verum Literary Press

Published in the Life in Wartime Winter Collection of 2021, Wolf Jaw Literary Magazine accepted three of my poems written about the struggle of life during the pandemic and the war within one's self.

"Enemy of the Air"

"The Burial"

"Cycles of Existence"

To view these poems, I encourage you to visit Wolf Jaw Magazine's online publication at the link here: Wolf Jaw Magazine


Wolf Jaw Magazine

Paper Fledglings by Nicholas Dertinger

A collection of poetry and paintings.

Poetry and storytelling have been key ingredients to my artistic development. From Shel Silverstein to Maya Angelou, Dr. Seuss to Edgar Allan Poe, my tastes and experiences with poetry crafted a unique vision for storytelling, imagination, and creativity. Even as a kid, I found writing poetry to be a transformative expression of ideas or emotions I wrestled with.

Each poem in this collection is an experience I have gone through, a fleeting feeling I have encountered, or a dream longing to be remembered. All designed to inspire and shape your imagination, allowing you to see the world through wild eyes and vibrant hearts. I've learned a lot about pain and response over the last few years. How our bodies hold trauma and what we can do to process our experiences. This collection is just a handful of the writings, poems, and artwork that has been informative to my processing recent discoveries of life and influence.

This book spans over 100 pages that include 40 poems and 20 illustrations originally done in ink or ink and watercolor. These illustrations having been directly inspired by the poems. 

My goal has always been to capture every fear, every moment, and every risk, and to step courageously into the wilds of creativity where I've not yet gone. 

Published: 2020

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